Sep 23, 2010

Broccoli Tart

Remember the storm we experienced early this year? This broccoli tart was made at that time. I was extremely happy to those falling snow and how thick they were accumulated on the ground because then, I could keep staying at home, no need to work. Everything went well as I thought, until I finally realized that, the same reason also made me stuck in the house for five days, nowhere to go for fun. I started to feel bored, very bored. Thought of cooking some restaurant level food to kill time, but the refrigerate was almost empty, no way to get out for grocery shopping. In the end, the only fresh veggie I had was the broccoli. That's why this tart was made.Actually the recipe was based on Swiss chard tart but I didn't have it at the moment. The broccoli version was good though, and this was the first time I made the tart crust!!

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