Mar 29, 2012


In the bento: mungbean rice, broccoli, pan-fried pork, pan-fried egg, sauteed cabbage.

Mar 28, 2012


In the bento: pig feet, cabbage, stirfried asparagus, carrots, rice with mungbean.

Mar 27, 2012


In the bento: black sticky rice+rice, carrots, stirfried asparagus, cabbage, pig feet, black fungus.


In the bento: rice&black sticky rice, stirfried pepper, carrots, onion with egg, pork slice with sauce.

Mar 20, 2012


In the bento: pasta bolognese, broccoli, nori tamagoyaki, sauted onion, carrots.

Mar 19, 2012


In the bento: stirfried zucchini with egg, carrot, asparagus, rice, paneer.

Saffron Milk Bread

Up till today, my wild yeast finally seems to be stable. I have great success of baking two good loafs with it and both turned out beautifully. This saffron loaf baked in the morning was exactly I expected: good crust outside but soft, moist and tender inside. It was so soft that I barely can cut it. The taste was a little sour because of the long time ferment (10 hours). It's like Asian sour dough bread.

Mar 17, 2012

Triple Collor Vegetarian Lasagna

Lasagna is easy to make. Also make variation  is not that hard if knowing the building priciples. I like to cook lasagan my ways, with different fillings the combination is unlimited. This one I made in the picture looks so colorful and sping, I use carrots, broccolia and cauliflower for color orange, green and white. They look vibrant even after coming out from oven.

Wild Yeast White Bread

My wild yeast cultured from pomegranate has behaved fairly well these days. They didn't give me good bread at the  first several times that I baked with them. Now the temperature has been warmer, these yeast seem to be back to live. Wild yeast asks more time to let the dough grow, but that also gives the opportunity for the flavor to develop during the process. The white bread coming out in the morning had a very good texture, the interior is soft, moist and chewy while the outside is smooth and crispy. The flavor and taste from the wild yeast was beautiful.

Mar 14, 2012


In the bento: mac-n-cheese, hard boiled egg, asparagus, stirfried cabbage, pig feet.

Mar 13, 2012


In the bento: mac n cheese, stirfried zucchini, daikon cake, pig feet.

Mar 12, 2012


In the bento: rice, broccoli, stirfried cabbage, pig feet, stewed egg.

Mar 11, 2012


In the bento: daikon cake, stir-fried cabbage, stir-fried Chinese broccoli, red yeast rice pork.

Mar 10, 2012

Croissant with Avocado, Cheddar and Egg

I have a big issue with Costco's butter croissant -- I love them, absolutely! My self discipline is not to buy too much when get a chance, or not to eat it everyday. But I do allow myself to have some once a while. The toast oven is a good helper to reheat the frozen croissant, which is like fresh from the oven. I can eat it plain and be happy for the rest of the day, but croissant sandwich makes it to a upper level. This one in the picture was sandwiched with avocado, vintage cheddar and fried egg. I have been eating it two days in a roll and still am very happy.

Mar 6, 2012

Lardy Cake

Lard with sugar is one of the heavenly good combinations. This bread tastes best when hot out from the oven. For me it's a reminder of the sesame lard dumpling I love to eat when grow up. It makes me home sick. The recipe can be found here.


In the bento: pork steamed with ground rice, broccoli, roaste pepper, stirfried shrimps, rice.

Mar 5, 2012

Daikon Rice Cake

This rice cake is popular in Hongkon,g Guangzhou and Taiwan. The city I grow up doesn't have it. Although I know the cake for a while, I never got a chance to try. The great thing about this dish is that to make at home is easy and tasty. I made it last night. The next morning, I sliced several pieces and pan-fried until crispy on both sides. This made a very conformable breakfast!


In the bento: special steamed pork, steamed sweet potato, stirfried snow pea with carrots, rice ground pork.