Aug 21, 2012


In the bento: pan fried spot, sauteed zucchini and broccoli, pan fried pork, cherry tomato, rice (under)

Aug 19, 2012

Milk Bread with Aged Montegrappa

I haven't baked bread for a while. This week, I took the wild yeast out from the fridge days ahead and baked this bread with a lot of white sesame, flex seeds, and aged montegrappa cheese. The cheese made a great difference by the fruity smell and salty taste. The wild yeast has been growing very well in the summer. The warm temperature seems to be greatly liked by the yeast. Hopefully, before the weather cools down, I can make some more bread.


In the bento: brown rice cooked with carrot and mushroom, sauteed cabbage, pan-fried pork, stir fried broccoli, tomato.

Aug 1, 2012


In the bento: millet with rice, stir-fried onion with green pepper, sauteed carrot, tamagoyaki, wine marinated pork belly.


In the bento: Angel hair with green onion flavored oil, sauteed daikon, sauteed green pepper, steamed fish.


In the bento: instant noodle, roasted green pepper, sauteed mushroom, scrambled egg with green onion, sauteed carrot.