Oct 23, 2012


In the bento: pasta with squash sauce, sauteed long bean, mushroom with red pepper, braised pork belly, sauteed fennel.

Peanut Squash with Gemelli

Fall is the season for squash. When hiking several weeks ago, I picked a peanut squash on the way back from a local farmer's market. I like to roast squash and use it as a sauce for pasta. If you have never tried use squash as a pasta sauce, it is a pity that such a delicious food you have missed.

Oct 22, 2012


In the bento: brown rice+spelt, pipian squash with red pepper, broccoli with mushroom, braised pork belly, miso egg.

Oct 21, 2012


In the bento: rice with spelt, sauteed mushroom with pipian squash, red pepper, braised pork belly, shiitake mushroom, miso egg.

Oct 10, 2012


In the bento: brown rice with black sticky rice, sauteed cabbage with carrots, broccoli, red pepper, pan-fried miso thigh.

Oct 9, 2012


In the bento: brown rice with spelt, sauteed cabbage, green pepper, broccoli, pan-fried pork shoulder, miso egg.

Oct 8, 2012

Taro Porridge with Dried Scallop

With the weather feeling cooler and cooler, a bowl of hot porridge is comforting to both stomach and soul. Dried scallop is used a lot in making porridge to add a taste of the sea. Adding taro is a trick I learned from a friend. The creaminess of taro provides texture for the simple porridge. When serving, drizzle some soysouce and green onion on the top. A comfort food in the fall.


In the bento: dried scallop and taro porridge, sauted green bean, broccoli, miso egg, pan-fried pork shoulder.

Oct 1, 2012


In the bento: black sticky rice+brown rice, pan-fried salmon, sauteed cabbage, yellow pepper, and green bean.