Mar 31, 2011


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In the bento: home made spinach pappardelle, kabocha, roasted red pepper, stir-fried cabbage with shiitake, cumin pan-fried rib. 

Mar 30, 2011


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In the bento: cumin pan-fried rib, kabocha, shrimps, cabbage stir-fried with shiitake, barley (leftover from making tea)

Mar 28, 2011


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In this bento: couscous, cabbage stir-fried enoki, shrimps, shiitake, roasted pepper, kabocha.  

Mar 23, 2011

Roasted Beets with Balsamic Glaze

If you never tried beets, you should start by this dish. I mean, I eat beets, I am okay with them, but never say I love beets. But this dish is amazing! I happened to have some beets sit in the fridge for long and just have to cook them. After cutting the roasted beets, I tried one piece, randomly, while glaze them. OMG, it's DELICIOUS! I can eat them all just in one minute! It's amazing that if beets are prepared properly, they can taste heavenly. The recipe can be found here. I can't wait to get more beets. 


In this bento: home made pappardelle, braised pig feet, balsamic glazed beets, tomato stir-fried with enoki mushrooms.

Mar 22, 2011


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 Yesterday's twin bento.

Home-made Spinach Pasta


I was washing spinach while thinking about the Naked Chef I am reading these days. Jamie Oliver is pretty amazing on making pasta. And looking at the spinach on hand, I suddenly got the desire of making my own. So the entire night I was kneading, rolling and cutting. It was quite a big size dough, I cooked the first batch of fettucini for tomorrow's lunch. The rest was made into lasagna, pappardelle, and linguini. The pasta came out okay, but it wasn't the light green color I was looking for. The pureed spinach didn't do the work, I have no idea why the book use the same method but has the different result. 


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In this bento: home-made spinach fettucini, stir-fried carrots with shiitake, pigfeet.

Mar 17, 2011


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In this bento: couscous, celery stir-fried with enoki, corn beef, meatballs, carrots, grapefruit, tangerine.

Mar 15, 2011


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In the bento: couscous, carrots, shiitake, green beans, red pepper, fermented tofu braised pork.


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In this bento: couscous, green beans, carrots, red pepper, cornbeef, fermented tofu braised pork, shiitake, miso egg.

Mar 13, 2011

Fermented Tofu Braised Pork

This is one of the signature dishes of my dad's.He made it for me when I was at home. After coming back, I want to cook it myself but just can't find the red fermented tofu required for this dish. Until yesterday, it is finally found in a local asian market. I almost jumped sky-high!I can finally make this dish! The house smells like heaven when it's cooked. The meat has the unique aroma from the fermented tofu and the just melt in the mouth. Dad will be very proud!


In the bento: penne with tomato sauce, red pepper, green bean, shiitake, meatball, cornbeef, miso egg.

Mar 10, 2011

Castella Cake

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Castella or Kasutera cake is a Japanese sponge cake originated in Portugal, though now is a specialty of  Nagasaki, Japan. In the U.S., it can only be found in Asian markets. I got inspired to bake this cake by seeing some beautiful pictures from some Japanese websites. This is why when I google "honey cake"- which literately translated from castella cake, there is no recipe found, in English language--because there is no such thing here!
Anyways, this is a very different cake, which has only 5 ingredients: egg, sugar, milk, honey and flour. There is no oil/butter and leavening agent. The cake rises up by the egg and gets the aroma from the honey.
I have to admit that I made a mistake here. Though the cake looks fine when came out from the oven, I didn't bake it in the right temperature. The cake was baked 15 min already at 300 F when I suddenly realized that it should have been baked at 350 F first for 30 min. How stupid!! The cake tastes okay by itself but I made a strawberry sauce to go along. Yum......

Mar 9, 2011


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In the bento: quinoa, carrot, pig feet, butternut squash, green beans.

Mar 8, 2011


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In the bento: turnip rice, cabbage, miso egg, green beans, fermented rice pork, pig feet, butternut squash.

Mar 7, 2011


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In this bento, turnip rice(beneath), stir-fried green beans, pig feet, miso egg, pickled ginger, grapes, strawberry.


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In the bento: turnip cooked rice, stir-fried cabbage, stir-fried green beans, miso egg, pig feet, pickled ginger.

Mar 3, 2011


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This is Thursday; I am just back from a business trip; these two are enough for not feeling like cooking. The fettucini was quickly tossed together with some stir-fried carrot and cabbage, and sprinkled with some pecorino romano. Miso egg and pork with fermented rice are some bento stamples can be made ahead of time.