Mar 10, 2011

Castella Cake

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Castella or Kasutera cake is a Japanese sponge cake originated in Portugal, though now is a specialty of  Nagasaki, Japan. In the U.S., it can only be found in Asian markets. I got inspired to bake this cake by seeing some beautiful pictures from some Japanese websites. This is why when I google "honey cake"- which literately translated from castella cake, there is no recipe found, in English language--because there is no such thing here!
Anyways, this is a very different cake, which has only 5 ingredients: egg, sugar, milk, honey and flour. There is no oil/butter and leavening agent. The cake rises up by the egg and gets the aroma from the honey.
I have to admit that I made a mistake here. Though the cake looks fine when came out from the oven, I didn't bake it in the right temperature. The cake was baked 15 min already at 300 F when I suddenly realized that it should have been baked at 350 F first for 30 min. How stupid!! The cake tastes okay by itself but I made a strawberry sauce to go along. Yum......

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