Jan 29, 2013


Guacamole, who doesn't like it? I made this at night so a quick sandwich can be made with it in the morning.
Guacamole says itself.


In the bento: brown rice, sunny-side up quail egg, sauteed asparagus, braised pork liver, cabbage sauteed with carrot, balsamic roasted chicken drumstick.

Jan 27, 2013


In the bento: brown rice, braised pig liver, sauteed green pepper, caramelized onion with mushroom, quail egg, cherry tomato, sauteed cabbage with long bean.

Jan 26, 2013

Dorie Greenspan's Chocolate Sparkler Cookie

I prefer to call it shortbread since it's so rich with butter. The texture is exactly like shortbread but taste less sweet because of the small amount sugar and dark cocoa powder. I made the dough log before Christmas and stored it in the fridge. It's a good way for a quick and yummy snack. The recipe is here.

Jan 24, 2013


In the bento: carrot cilantro cooked rice and red quinoa, steamed pompano fish, sauteed green pepper with black fungus.

Jan 23, 2013


In the bento: rice+black sticky rice, sauteed bitter melon, sauteed carrot with cilantro, steamed pompano fish, sauteed cabbage with mushroom.

Jan 22, 2013


In the bento: brown rice+spelt, sauteed carrot, braised beef tendon, sauteed vegetable, quail egg, sauteed bitter melon, long bean with ground pork.


In the bento: brown rice+spelt, long bean with ground pork, quail egg, sauteed pea sprout, braised beef tendon, sauteed carrot, pan fried daikon cake.

Jan 21, 2013

Daikon Cake

Winter is the season for daikon, when this root vegetable is sweet, juicy and flavorful. They are delicious in stew and soup, but also very tasty when mixed with rice flour to make a quick snack. I  used aobut 2 pound of daikon, with some shiitake mushroom and Chinese style sausage. They are sauteed until soften in the pan, then slowly mixed in rice flour until a paste texture is formed. The mixture then transferred into a baking dish and covered to bake at 375 for about 60 min. Let it cool complete, then cut into squares and pan fried them when serve.

Jan 19, 2013


Zeppole, an Italian version of donuts, also a popular Italian street food. It's very simple to make at home. Use the basic dough, the flavor can be creative. I added some orange zest into the dough and sprinkle with more orange mixed sugar when eat. It's like bite into a crispy air pillow, light and delightful.

Jan 17, 2013


In the bento: brown rice+black sticky rice, sauteed snow pea, sauteed cabbage, steamed white fish, braised egg, kabocha

Jan 16, 2013


In the bento: steamed brown rice with black sticky rice, sauteed cabbage with carrot, snow pea, green pepper, braised pork belly.

Jan 14, 2013


In the bento: brown rice+black sticky rice, steamed white fish, sauteed snow pea, red pepper, sauteed celery, braised beef and shiitake mushroom.

Jan 13, 2013


In the bento: brown rice, steamed fish, braised egg, sauteed cabbage, sauteed snow pea with red pepper

Jan 10, 2013


In the bento: brown rice, sauteed onion with mushroom, sauteed red pepper, mushroom, braised egg, braised beef.

Jan 7, 2013

Ricotta Cocoa Cranberry Muffins

It is been so long since the last time I made myself some muffins for breakfast. I used a recipe that I liked with a twist of adding cranberry instead of chocolate chips. Well, I didn't expect that it turns out to be this boring. Yes, you see it right, boring. Flavor wise, nothing is particular exciting, while the texture is slightly chewy for reason I don't know. Maybe the this time it shows a sign of stop using this recipe.


The first bento post in 2013, here starts a new year!
In the bento: boeuf bourguignon, sauteed broccoli, red pepper with shittake mushroom, snow pea, brown rice.