Sep 19, 2010


Brown rice with job's tear, pan fried veal chop and egg, tomato,
broccoli, some kind of noodle (leftover from a friend)
I have been a glutton these days. It doesn't mean I have eaten tons a lot, but it was more than what I am supposed to eat since I started eating less for dinner. Because the Moon Festival is coming next week, a lot of places have different events which all associated with food. Of course I attended those and, ate. I swear the amount of food I put on my plate was not huge, but my stomach just doesn't function since it shrinks a bit after I am on diet. I was very happy about that until it comes to occations that I do indulge myself to eat more, my stomach starts to fight against my will. And I still feel the uncomfortable fullness after 3.5 hours of eating :(

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