Nov 7, 2010

Japanese Style Scotch Egg

For the group meeting tonight, I made scotch eggs. The first time when I made those, I forgot to take pictures. So the top one the the left was those eggs before going into the oven. The bottom one is how they look like when cooked. The Scotch egg is very bento friendly. I can make bunch of them and freeze for later use.

- ground pork
- hard boiled eggs
- Rosemary, green onion (or any herbs you like)
- garlic
- ginger
- salt & pepper
- BBQ sauce (depends on your taste)

Basically, there is no set ingredient to flavor the ground pork, really. Depends on what I have at the moment, I would add pureed squash, or egg, or mushroom or etc to the meat part. Once the meat is seasoned and the eggs are boiled, take the egg shell off and wrap the meat evenly around it. Bake the wrapped egg in the 375 F oven for about 20 minutes.

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