Nov 9, 2010

Apple Maple Upside-down Yogurt Cake

When I was baking this cake, the house smells like heaven. In a crispy cold autumn day, the warm sweet smell of maple and apple is simply comforting. Did I tell you I LOVE maple syrup? I didn't grow up in a country where it is popular, but after the first time I tasted it, nothing can pull me away from it. It is beyond amazing!
The cake is the combination of two recipes. One for the cake part I already used days ago to bake the cranberry yogurt cake. The other part is for the maple syrup apple on the top. This time I cut the cake measurement into half and didn't over bake it. It came out moisture and tender, perfectly match the apple slices soaked in maple syrup on the top. Although I don't care dessert with cooked apple, this is a winner. I will definitely make it again.

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