Feb 6, 2011


I am back! It's sad to say goodbye to the family, and that makes it feel miserable to come back. On the other side, I am also glad to be back since I can continue conduct my cooking project. While I was at home, mom gave me two new bento boxes, I can't wait to use them! One is made of stainless steel, which shows in the picture. I filled it up with the left over from last night's school event: stir-fried noodle, shrimps, broccoli and boiled egg.The picture below is the bento box bag I made. Yes, I M-A-D-E it last night spending 2 hours on that. My bento box fits in it perfectly. How cute is that!


  1. hey Ting, how are you going on? Long time no see you. Bento box can be used in microwave oven?

  2. long time no see! I just come back. Yes, the plastic boxes can be microwaved, but the one I used here can't. It's metal.