Feb 8, 2011

Japanese-style Char Siu

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One day I was looking around for some pork recipe and picked this one for its easy preparedness. Char Siu, aka Chinese-style barbecued pork, is somehow difficult to make to me, while this Japanese-style does not have too many ingredients and simple to cook.
I salted two pieces of pork and let them sit overnight. Then tie them tightly with kitchen string. I then fried the pork in the pan until just brown outside. Meanwhile, boil a pot of water with ginger and green onion; put the browned pork in and shimmer for half hour. Let them cool aside while I prepared the marinade sauce. Mix soy sauce, mirin, rice wine, sugar, ginger and garlic, put the pork in and sit overnight. Slice the meat on the next day. These char siu are perfect with a bowl of noodle.

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