Dec 16, 2011

Ground Pork in Tofu Skin

One of my grandma's signature dishes is this pillow like goodie. The star of the dish, from my point of view, is the tofu skin wrapped outside the meat filling. Tofu skin is not commonly seen here, but is one of the ingredients used on a daily base in Shanghai. This is made from soybean milk. When the soybean milk is cooling, the top of the surface will slowly develop a thin layer, like the same that milk will do. The thin layer is then collected and dried for future use. So the product is very fragile, also super delicious.
My grandma usually bought the tofu skin and filled in with ground pork, shiitake mushroom, wood ear and diced onion. Then the pillow will be pan-fried until the meat is cooked. Yum~~

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