Jun 26, 2011

Wonton Style Ravioli

Wonton (or 餛飩) is the specialty of Shanghai. My mom is especially good at making it. It is the only dumping we eat at home long before we strat to make gyoza (or Jiaozi or 餃子). I made these wontons only because I wanted some ravioli this weekend but don't want to be labored of making the pasta dough. So the wonton wrap is a big time saver. And it doesn't make sense to me not making wonton since I have this square shape wrap available.
The filling is squash with cream cheese. I roasted a kabocha and mixed 4oz of cream cheese with pinch of salt and black pepper. The are quickly cooked in the boiling water. These wontons are light and fluffy with a subtle sweetness from the squash. The only thing I will change next time is to use the Shanghai style wrap which can hold the shape better than these Hongkong style wraps.

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  1. Looks yummy Tingting! You are such a talented and creative cook! xoxo