May 25, 2011

Savory Kelp with Shiitake and Enoki Mushroom

I LOVE kelp. Interestingly, I didn't use to like it at all as a kid. Now I eat kelp however it's cooked. Grandma likes to slow cook it until very tender; mom usually stews soup with kelp and short-rib. Now I cook it with my another favorite--fresh shiitake and enoki. This dish is very sweet and salty, which is meant to be like this so it can be kept for days. For me, it's not a problem in terms of days, I can finish it all straight from the pot. The recipe is in Chinese though. Ingredients are kelp, fresh shiitake, enoki, soy sauce, mirin, cooking wine, vinegar, bit sugar. Measurement doesn't have to be accurate in terms of cooking. Just adjust based on personal taste.

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